Shrink Wrap Supplies and Accessories

Order the shrink wrap supplies and equipment needed to complete your project here. 

Light and Heavy Duty Strap Tension Tools:  Light duty for up to 3/4" wide Strapping.  Heavy Duty for up to 1 1/4" wide Strapping.  Used to tighten strapping down either under or over shrink film for extra cross bracing or security in keeping shrink film in place.

Pro-Tect Plastics has all of the supplies, accessories, equipment, and guides you need to complete your shrink wrap project. If you don’t see a shrink wrap accessory or supply that you need, please call or email us. We will be happy to help you find everything you need. 

Light and Heavy Duty Strap Tension Tools:  Tension tools are used to tighten strapping down either under or over shrink film.This provides extra cross bracing and security in keeping shrink wrap film in place. Use light duty tension tools for strapping up to 3/4" wide. Use heavy duty tension tools for strapping up to 1 1/4" wide.  

Stick On Vents: Easily ventilate your shrink wrapped boat or equipment with stick on vents. Ventilation reduces condensation and mildew growth during storage. Pro-Tect Plastics sells plastic vents with adhesive backing that have a 4” outer diameter and 1 ¾” inner hold diameter. 

Desiccant Bags: These 300 gram bags are used to reduce moisture and condensation under a sealed shrink wrapped object or boat when venting is not used. They are particularly effective for moisture control during transport. 

Poly Foam Padding:  Our high density poly foam is used for padding sharp corners or other parts that could potentially puncture the shrink wrap film. They are available in 6" or 12" width with 225' length and 1/4" thickness.

Leather Safety Gloves: When operating a propane fired heat gun to seam together sections of shrink wrap film, safety gloves are necessary to protect hands while you “pat” the shrink film seams together. These leather safety gloves for shrink wrap film seaming are available in pairs or for the left hand only.  

Safety Hook Knife and Replacement Blades: This shrink wrap cutter with replaceable blades is easy to use and keeps your fingers safe from injury. Enjoy straight, smooth and sturdy cutting on all of your shrink wrap projects. 

How To Guide for Boats and Packaging:   This step-by-step guide teaches how to shrink wrap a boat or other odd shaped packaging items. Includes a how-to video and a printable training manual. Available on Flash Drive or Instant Download.  

How To Guide for Containment: This step-by-step guide teaches the Pro-Tect Plastics Environmental Containment Process for shrink wrapping around scaffolding on a construction project. Includes a how-to video and a printable training manual. Available on Flash Drive or Instant Download. 

Snap Blade Knives: Pro-Tect Supply’s snap blade shrink wrap knives are a handy tool to have in your pocket. This compact and easy to use utility knife makes shrink wrap cutting quick and convenient.

Heat shrink wrap can be used to protect and store virtually any item, regardless of size! One of the best qualities of heat shrink wrap is its absolute versatility. You can secure and protect very large objects with shrink wrap. Marine, construction, agriculture, transportation, and industries of every kind turn to shrink wrap for safe, complete storage of valuable equipment. 

Shrink wrap your boat in the off season. 
The best way to ensure that your boat is 100% protected in the off season is to securely wrap it in boat shrink wrap. Strapping a canvas cover to your boat is convenient during boating season but does not provide the level of protection necessary to combat all off season threats. Boat shrink wrap provides superior, complete protection. 

Marine shrink film is resistant to moisture so your boat stays dry through rain, sleet, or snow. Marine vinyl wrap is constructed from material that completely eliminates pooling of water and sheds snow in the winter to reduce the risk of collapse due to heavy snow loads. Boat shrink wrap’s custom fit means that it remains securely attached in high winds and won’t rub, chafing your paint or gel coat. When the time comes to put your boat into storage for the off season, keep it safe and secure with shrink wrap for boats.

Shrink wrap conforms precisely to every curve and corner of your boat. There is not a single space open to animals or wind. Marine shrink wrap is specifically designed to shed water and even the heaviest snow loads. It provides the absolute best waterproofing and moisture control available. Further, shrink wrap boat covers should be installed with vents to control the growth of unwanted mold and mildew. Many boaters choose to have a professional provide shrink wrapping for the off season and it is widely offered at marinas. However, if you want to save that expense and enjoy doing these kinds of projects yourself, you can learn how to shrink wrap your boat. There are resources available to teach you how to do it, step-by-step. 

Heat shrink wrap for construction projects. 
Construction sites are filled with expensive equipment and difficult to contain messes. Industrial heat shrink wrap can help! It forms a tough, tight weather and moisture-proof barrier which will contain virtually 100% of sandblast, paint, lead or asbestos residuals, dust and other construction debris or environmental conditions.

Pro-Tect's industrial heat shrink wrap has been carefully formulated from superior materials that allows for a higher standard in performance and safety. Our industrial shrink wrap is strong, durable, versatile, and low maintenance to provide the ultimate protection in construction projects, weatherization wrapping, and environmental containment applications. Different from marine or standard heat shrink wrap, we offer construction shrink wrap in flame retardant, non flame retardant, and ultra violet resistant formulas in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. Pro-Tect Plastics carries heat shrink wrap films that are regarded as the very best in the construction industry. 

Shrink wrap has a variety of applications in agriculture. 
Heat shrink wrap and black white light deprivation films are commonly used in agriculture applications. Whether you want to form a snug waterproof barrier around your greenhouse to control temperature or need to tightly control grow cycles through light deprivation or reflectivity, heat shrink wrap products from Pro-Tect Plastics can help! 

Wrapping a greenhouse in shrink wrap is a common strategy used to extend the growing season of the crops or plants contained within as well as increase the yields each season. Black and white plastic sheeting is also used in crop control management. The white side is highly reflective and used to direct light away. The black side is completely opaque and absorbs light, keeping heat and light away. Heat shrink wrap can help control temperatures and humidity levels for improved results.

You can even shrink wrap cars and other modes of transportation! 
Storing a motorcycle for the winter? What about making sure your snowmobile stays clean and protected during warm months? Heat shrink wrap can do all of that and more, faster than you may think. Check out this time-lapse video of the team from Pro-Tect Plastics shrink wrapping an entire helicopter in no time flat!