Shrink Wrap Tapes and Adhesives

Here, you will find our Tapes and Adhesive Glue used with shrink wrapping .  Our shrink wrap tape is also used on a WIDE variety of other things as well.  The sky's the limit.... almost! 

Shrink Wrap Tape:  The 9.5 mil thick shrink wrap tape comes in 2", 4", and 6" widths by 155' and 180' lengths. Colors include White, Clear and Blue.  Shrink wrap tape is widely used as a method of attachment of the shrink film, in heat seaming shrink film together and for repairing small holes and thin spots.  This  shrink wrap tape really comes in handy!

Preservation Tape:  The 10.5 mil thick Tape comes in 2" and 4" widths by 108' length.  Colors include White and Black. For taping over paint sensitive surfaces, areas with decals, stickers or labeling. Preservation tape won't leave a residue when removed and lasts longer than the standard shrink wrap tape.

Pro-Tect's Environmental Spray Adhesive:  Net wt. 10 oz (17 fluid ounces) per can.  Heavy Duty, Wide web spray, High solids, No chlorinated solvents.  This heat shrink adhesive spray glue is one of the highest performance aerosol adhesives available.  adhesive spray glue is an important step in the process of the installation of Pro-Tect's shrink film. The heavy duty adhesive spray glue is used as a means to temporarily "tack" the film's laps or seams together until the installer can heat the laps or seams using the Shrinkfast 998 or 975 Heat Gun.  The adhesive spray glue helps promote a stronger bond of the overlapped material after heat seaming/welding together.  Apply a light coating of Pro-Tect's environmental adhesive spray glue to both surfaces of the shrink film at the lap or seam prior to the heat process.  Allow about five (5) seconds for it to set-up prior to pressing the two surfaces together to form the initial seal.  The heavy duty spray glue can should be agitated during the spray glue application process to create a webbing pattern.   Using the heat tool and heat gun gloves, apply heat directly to the seam, along with consistent firm “patting” of the heated plastic with the gloved hand.  Caution should be taken not to overheat or under heat the area. The plastic will weld together during the correct application of adhesive spray glue.   While the plastic shrink film is still warm to the touch, the laps and seams are then taped off using the 4" wide shrink wrap tape.

Surface Graphic/Transportation Tape:  Widths come in 6", 12", 18", 24" and 36" by 600' length.  This is a low tack 3 mil, black on adhesive side and white on outer side, protective tape (also known as Anti-Chaffing Tape).   Transportation tape is used on to protect the exterior painted surfaces on automobiles, RV's, and boats during transport. Transportation Tape or Anti-Chaffing Tape protects finished surfaces from abrasions, acid rain and dirt.