Shrink Wrap Containment for Roof Protection

May 16th 2019

National Park Services Building in Santa Fe, NMPro-Tect would proudly like to announce the completion of the central region’s first heat shrink wrap containment job! We used a white flame retardant f … read more

Construction Heat Shrink Wrap for Bad Weather

Apr 19th 2019

Leaky roofs, construction delays or extreme weather can be very hazardous for the health of a home and family. With our How-To CD’s and help you can have your roof shrink wrapped in no time, or you ca … read more

4 Advantages to Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Mar 1st 2019

Tucker Sno-Cat Shrink Wrapped for Transport to Australia1. Shrink Wrapping Protects Your CargoHeat shrink wrap is used with a multitude of mil thickness for a variety of jobs. Check out our blog on w … read more

Choosing a New Reinforced Greenhouse Cover

Feb 4th 2019

Choosing greenhouse plastic is the first decision made when covering your greenhouse kit. Greenhouse plastic sheeting needs to be efficient in performance and cost! Poly woven covers help protect plan … read more